One of the most interesting aspects of this whole apocalypse thing has been the study of people around me and vetting all those virus outbreak / zombie novels I’ve read over the years – and surprisingly finding a lot of unknowns verified.

Probably the most fascinating part has been the way that not even just some, but most people have treated this as totally irrelevant until the point when they suddenly realized “oh shit, I guess this is indeed serious”.

It’s been like three weeks since I had to endure all kinds of jokes for stocking up on my supplies – supplies I always keep more or less well-stocked to begin with – and now I’m one of a handful of people who can lean back and enjoy the quiet hours because I’m all set.

And still, even now there are several people who venture out each day to get take-out food and who don’t have any kind of food supplies for even a couple of days, let alone a week or a month. Weird, that.