So much has happened since the last time I updated this comic.

I bought an ipad (you already know that from the last post), but I also began to really start to enjoy drawing. Until now it’s been far  more stressful than fun but I’m getting the hang of drawing and really stand by my opinion that the ipad is the best digital drawing experience you could get.

AAAAAAND: I started another webcomic, a noir-detective story you can find here:

Let me know what you think, I really like it so far (8 pages as of this writing).

I will focus a bit more on that one and keep the comics on here brief, i.e. I will probably stick with inking-without-colours. In my opinion colouring these pages doesn’t really add any value to them but it sure adds a lot of time I need to spent before a page is finished and said  time is limited.

However I will post a lot more here, sort of a behind-the-scenes to the process behind noirtybynight, the struggles I have to overcome and everything that goes into publishing a webcomic.

Some of you might find that interesting, there is a lot more to running a webcomic than ‚just drawing and hitting publish‘.

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