As hard as it is to believe I made a surprise sale of the tshirt design I posted in the last strip only half an hour after publishing it. I figure it turned up in someone’s ’new‘ feed on spreadshirt, and of course since then there has been silence.

It’s still amazing to see the traffic coming into this site already, and I must say thank you to one great person who shopped over my Amazon Affiliate link and single-handedly paid for six months of hosting this comic!

It’s stuff like these two events that make me very happy, even apart from the monetary value. Much more so because I see something I couldn’t do before is turning into a (small) success.

So anyway, I am making great progress on my Sci-Fi comic Colony 51, despite my struggles to come up with a fourth main character I have been able to sketch the first few pages and as soon as I come up with the character design I can start publishing a serious comic about space, love, crime, adventure, exploration. It’s gonna be great, and I hope many of you will be part of it. For now only the very first page is online, but it shouldn’t take me long to complete the next.

If you are interested in the creation process of this panel I uploaded a speed drawing video to YouTube, I hope to do that for every page from now on but I can’t promise anything.


Thanks for all your support so far, and if you’d like to support me you can as always do that by sharing this comic, shopping over my affiliate link or even subscribing on Patreon.