I’m not normally one to complain too much if I don’t like something. Unless it’s Disney deciding they don’t like the books I’ve read in the past twenty years, Mad Max being turned into a Michael Bay movie with dead babies or my second most favorite video game franchise being turned into…something.

I was pretty excited when I stumbled over a reddit post and learned that there was a PC version now because I never bothered to install it on my phone due to screen size.

Download, install, start tutorial. Stop playing shortly thereafter. It made my head explode (+5 explosives bling bling kaching) like people on the train who stand in front of the door and don’t open it when the train stops, then when someone from the outside pushes the button refuse to get out to leave other people out.

But in all honesty I simply wrote this post to direct you to my favorite Fallout comic. It’s well drawn and I was lucky enough to see some pages in the making in the lifestream. Lots of effort goes into that thing so if you have a minute…

Because at the end of the day this was nothing more than a short annoyance in a world full of annoyances, so let’s focus on the good stuff!


Have a nice day, you rock! (Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock)


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